Welcome to 2018

Next meeting Saturday 10th February 2018 at the Bowls Pavilion, Long Ashton Community Centre, BS41 9DP

The Avon Guild got off to a good start this year, with a good attendance at the Peg Loom weaving workshops, being run by Caroline. Quite a few people took part making items of varying widths from scrap fabric, yarn and fleece.


Next month is a talk and workshop on spinning Flax. Numbers for the workshop are limited, so members should contact either Claire or the Secretary if they wish to participate.


Don't forget to crochet or knit some poppies for the Wonderwool campaign. s. Many more are needed so if you have time, please crochet of knit a few more. The pattern is on the Wonderwool Wales website. Don't worry if you haven't got a cord knitter, we can produce cords for those that don't have them. All poppies due in at the March meeting.


Next year's programme is on the website - sorry , two months to be confirmed.


If you wish to comment on the website content, please contact us via the Contacts page, Twitter or Facebook - @avonguildswd.

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