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The aim of the Avon Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers is to promote and encourage those interested the art of spinning, weaving and dyeing.
Members are of all standards, from complete beginners to professional teachers.
Members are encouraged to learn from each other and to participate in new skills and crafts. The Guild organises a varied programme each year, with talks and practical workshops covering a range of techniques for spinning, weaving and dyeing. Where funds permit and there is enough interest the Guild will organise a trip to participate in a workshop or an exhibition.
The Guild also organises an open day, exhibition and craft sale, so the local population can visit us and see what we can offer.
Our members can be seen at various local events, demonstrating their skills to encourage others to learn.


For further information contact us: swdinformation@avonguild.org.uk





The Guild has a number of drumcarders available to hire for a small fee.

It also has a comprehensive library of books and magazines on topics associated with textile crafts. These are available on loan for a small fee.







Solva Mill - warping up for 80 metres of stair carpet fabric - not for thye faint hearted!!

Christmas baubles and rabbits knitted for the Bristol Hospital Trust shop.


If you wish to knit any of these for the shop, please contact the secretary and she will email the patterns.

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