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Socks from Show and Tell


             Guild Committee 2019


Chair                            Barbara Bennett

Secretary                      Roz Todd

Treasurer                     Claire Cryer

Programme Secretary   Clare Hayes (2019)


Membership Secretary  Joyce Prothero

Raffle                           Pauline Budge

Refreshments               Jenny Bodenham

Sales                            Norma Chandler Patterson

General members         Emily Hallett

Website                        Sheila Liddle





Winners of Hat/Tea Cosy Competition






2020 Programme  (Provisional)


11th Jan 1:30pm  Rachel - Cat and Sparrow


8th Feb  11:00am  Workshop with Katie Weston - Hill Top Cloud

Instructions for Workshop

People need to bring along a bobbin of singles. Any thickness they like, any fibre they like, spun with the level of twist they would normally use if the yarn was going to be plyed. If they’re normally a fine spinner, they can get away with slightly less than a bobbin. Ideally around 50m if anyone needs an exact figure. Please make sure your wheel is in good working order, time I spend fixing broken drive bands, tightening screws, or solving issues is not good use of workshop time. From experience of teaching any spinning workshops all over the country you will get more out of the workshop if you have done some spinning recently. If you haven’t touched your wheel for the last month you will spend the first part of the workshop just trying to get back in to the swing of things rather than focusing on new techniques. 

In terms of equipment-

A spinning wheel

At least 3 bobbins, including the one with your homework singles. The other bobbins need to be empty.

A separate lazy kate. Not the one built in to their wheel… if they don’t have one then they need to make one using a shoe box and knitting needles. Something to use to wind off samples, and if you like to label your samples, then you will need to bring your own labels.


14th March  11.00pm  AGM  2:00 Talk from Anne Gavelle on heat printing on fabric


4th April      Speaker tbc


9th May  1:30pm  Members skills day


12th June  2.00pm Linda Rowe – printing with natural dyes


11th July  tbc


8th August - no meeting


12th September  11.00  Workshop on making buttons with Liz Tapper


10th  October  Guild Open Day and Exhibition  (11:00 – 15:30)


14th November  2.00pm (tbc) Needles and Textiles


12th December  Christmas Party 



We meet every 2nd Saturday of the month at:

Bowls Pavilion, long Ashton Commnity Centre

Keedwell Hall

Long Ashton,

Bristol BS41 9DP

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us via our contact form.

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